TLC Private School

Welcome to The Learning Centre

Welcome to the TLC Virtual Learning Environment - Our school ... Online!

You have just found the Virtual Learning Environment of TLC and, if you're wondering what it does, read on...

Virtual Learning Environments allow teachers to deliver the school's curriculum online as well as in the classroom. Whilst this may seem a doubling up of effort, it benefits the student - and parents, in many ways:

  • Materials used in the lessons can be accessed easily online from home or in study time at school
  • The material can include PowerPoint presentations, videos, podcasts of lessons, weblinks and more
  • Students can complete and submit work online from home or school
  • Work can be marked and comments made on it online and this can be accessed by parents using the individual log in for the student
  • Parents can see the curriculum that we are teaching
  • If a student is away from school, they can still access the lessons and the work that is to be completed in it

We believe in the power of the TLC Virtual Learning Environment, now it's time for you and students to use it.